Monday, October 8, 2012

SPIRIT- Go into the Gap

I’ve had a heck of a week! Between working in the ICU, @Carnival, a bachelorette party, volunteering for @Habitat for Humanity, promoting my books (When Angels Come to Play and Damn Yankee- Separation Anxiety, available at, and let’s not forget being a single mom, I hardly has the time to pee. I’m constantly asked, where do you get the energy to do all these things?  To coin a phrase; I go into the Gap.
In @Deepak Chopras’s The Seven Spiritual Law’s of Success, he describes “the Gap” as stillness. To me, the Gap is the space where God/the Universe and I are one.  I achieve this state of stillness through meditation.  In the stillness I communicate with God to accept my desires and to give thanks. 
I meditate first thing in the morning, before even checking my email. On work days where I’m super rushed and pressed for time, I’ve been known to meditate at every red light on my way to the hospital. Meditation prepares me for the day ahead by recharging my batteries and lifting my spirits. It’s like a reset button. You erase yesterday, since you can’t change it anyway; and sets you in the now.
If you wake up thinking it’s going to be a rotten day, you send out rotten energy and draw rotten people and things to you. So, hit the reset button and thank God for the happy and productive day you’re going to have.

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