Thursday, October 4, 2012

NO T NO SHADE- Coconut Oil (Rating: T T T T T)

Five "T" Rating System: One T = Hell No
                                            Five T's = What are you waiting for 

I've actually been on Coconut Oil capsules for a month to help me with a number of issues. #1 reason... as a diet aid. I've recently gained 5lbs and wanted a natural diet aid that would help suppress my appetite and help curb my ungodly cravings for candy. An awesome side effect was the elevation of my joint pain.
I give Coconut Oil T T T T T

The recommended dose is 4capsules per day. You can take them all at once or 2 twice a day. I recommend taking them all at once first thing in the morning. It keeps you feeling full for a good 12hours... which carries me through my shift at the hospital.

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