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No T No Shade: Funkshion Red Dress Show 2012

No T No Shade: Funkshion Red Dress Show 2012
(October 12, 2012)
(Rating: T T T T T)
Five "T" Rating System: One T = Hell No
Five T's = What are you waiting for

Just got back from the @Funkshion Red Dress Show 2012. After years on the runway it was great being on the other end.

Parking was tight but I lucked out with a spot on the same lot as The Tent. Even though I RSVP'd, getting in was a bitch. The very sweet door girls were a bit overwhelmed by the mob of people. Armed with their seating list, they scrambled to look up my name from this unorganized alphabetized list. Really alphabetized! I eventually had to intervene. I took a couple of pages from the frazzled door girl and after a good five minutes, I found my own name.

Once inside I was left to my own devises to find a seat. There was ample seating and I was able to find a pretty cozy spot for my guest and I next to a very obnoxious guy (can't hold Funkshion responsible for unidentified jerks). The stage set up was very satisfactory. You could pretty much get a good view of the show from any seat.

The show opener was Guria Swimwear. Having been a swimwear fit model, I think I'm in a unique position to critique this presentation. The bathing suits were wearable, colorful, and flattering, but nothing stood out to me. I've compiled quite a collection of swimwear throughout the years, so it takes a real head turner to make me say, I've gotta have it! There was nothing in this collection that I had to have. The cover-ups were also pretty, colorful, and flattering, but very one note. The models did their thing on the catwalk. They brought life to a ho-hum collection.
Intermission gave everyone a chance to mix, mingle, and take pics. Loved the setup in the entryway. My favorite display was the Nicole Miller gown display. I just purchased a sunning sequenced @NicloleMiller dress two days ago. Now all I need is an event to wear it to. Intermission was supposed to be 15mins., but actually was more like 30mins., but I didn't mind.                                                                                
The Red Dress Show benefiting @TheHeartAssociation featured some of Miami's hottest news anchors, TV hostesses, and some not so hot Miami Housewives (you should have left them at home). It was fun, refreshing, and the ladies brought a jubilant atmosphere to the show. Some of my all-time favorite designers were featured: Calvin Klein (whom I was wearing and makes up half of my closet), Nichole Miller, and @Tahari (the other half of my closet).
The show ended rather unceremoniously. We didn't know whether to stay or go. I was at least expecting a "thanks for coming" or "hope you enjoyed the show". I would have even settled     for, "You don't have to go home, but you can’t stay here." People just stood up then sat down, 
looking around to see what the next guy's move was. Eventually we figured it out and filled out to the front were cameras were flashing and people were being interviewed. I was unexpectedly mobbed by several shutterbugs, but I have to admit I welcomed the attention.                             
No T No Shade: I give @Funkshion Red Dress Show T T T T.
Setup was great and the show was entertaining, but an A-type personality like me needs an alphabetized list.
 Tonight (Saturday, Oct. 13), I will be attending the final show and the closing ceremony. I will post a special No T No Shade review tomorrow.

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