Monday, October 8, 2012

*Special Edition* No T No Shade- Miami Broward Carnival 2012

NO T NO SHADE- Miami Broward Carnival 2012 
(Rating: T T T T T)
Five "T" Rating System: One T = Hell No
Five T's = What are you waiting for 

I have been a sideline participant of the Miami Broward Carnival for years. This year I decided to be a carnival masquerader and strut my stuff on the parade route. To my shock and utter disappointment there was no parade route! The City of Miami didn't give permission this year to have the 25year tradition. Instead Carnival was confine to the Sun Life Stadium.

Words cannot express my disappointment. Miami Carnival was a mere shadow of its once great self. If it wasn't for Carnival Nationz, the wonderful band that I had joined, it would have been a complete fail.

I give The Miami Broward Carnival 2012 T T.  You won't see me there next year if they don't bring back the parade route.
I give @Carnival Nationz T T T T T for their organization, friendliness, and best costumes.


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