Wednesday, October 17, 2012

No T No Shade: Fashion Week Miami Beach

No T No Shade: Fashion Week Miami Beach (part II)
(Rating: T T T T T)
Five "T" Rating System: One T = Hell No
Five T's = What are you waiting for

On Saturday, October 13th, I attended the final show and closing ceremony of the Funksion Miami Beach Fashion Week. The show was held at Studio 743 in South Beach.

The staff at the door was courteous and friendly. The stage setup was very similar to the tent but in a much smaller space. Yet again RSVPing proved to be a waste of time. I lucked out once again and was able to grab a couple of seats. I didn't mind the seating too much but, I did take issue with anyone off the street being let into the show.

The Dieo Collection presented first. The line was wearable, styled well, but lacked in originality.
The T Rains Collection, the feature of the night, didn't disappoint. The line was styled very well, spirited, colorful, and had many wearable pieces.
The male models were an extra treat!

I give Funkshion Miami Beach Fashion Week T T T T. I had to drop a T for the seating issues and loooong 45min intermission. I'm looking forward to 2013.

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