Saturday, November 10, 2012

SPIRIT: Money Can't buy You Love... or Votes

I’m not delivering this message as a Democrat or as a Republican. This message goes WELL beyond politics; Mitt Romney’s twice failed bid for the United States presidency just punctuates this point. No matter how much money you throw at someone or something, THE MESSAGE STILL COUNTS. If the message or the intension is one of control, fear, exclusion, or hate, you will only be able to win over a certain few… and that same few will have no problem screaming mutiny then abandon ship when the cash runs out.
According to @CNN and @USA Today polls, Mitt Romney held a 34% to 39% LIKEABILITY RATE throughout the republican primaries and dropped steadily to about 30% LIKEABILITY during his one on one with @Obama.  How can you get LOVE with money, fear, and intimidation? YOU CAN'T! Oh, it can work for a while. As the old adage goes, everyone has a price.  We all at times have done a job we didn’t like because we got paid enough to do it. Or, went along with something you didn’t believe in because you were scared of the consequences if you didn’t. On the same tip, we all have a tipping point.
There’s nothing sadder than a wayward messenger buying into his own wayward message.  
Money can buy you some loyalty… But it will never buy you love…Or like.

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