Saturday, November 24, 2012

No T No Shade: Black Friday Madness

Five "T" Rating System: One T = Hell No
                                            Five T's = What are you waiting for

I have one thing to say... You're getting SNOWED.  It's Christmas time so that means retailers are turning on the snow making machines full blast. Visibility is at a minimum. One can hardly see beyond the blizzard credit cards. Children are being left behind in snowdrifts of shopping bags. Here's a snowplow to help you clear away the mounds of sale signs.

I spent my entire teen years in retail. I don't think much has changed. Every holiday season we are told to break out the sharpies and the 50% off signs... the same signs we breakout for spring sales, for summer sales, for fall sales, and for your everyday run of the mill clearance sales. Before breaking out the plastic, stop and ask yourself, "Wasn't that TV set cheaper during the big winter clearance?" Yes it was! Guys, ask yourself, "Wasn't that diamond heart pendent cheaper during the summer clearance sale?" Right you are again!

I give Black Friday Sales ONE T
Do yourself a favor, put the plastic down... work some overtime and save up your cash for when the real sales begin-

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