Sunday, November 18, 2012

HEALTH: My Endometriosis Daily Cocktail

As Endometriosis, fibroid, and ovarian cysts sufferers we have an Oestrogen hormone dominance issue which is the cause of most of our problems. Adding insult to injury, prolonged stress canlead to elevations in cortisol (the stress hormone), which decrease the available progesterone and result in a hormonal imbalance. Your diet plays a very important part in the disease progression. Sugar, alcohol, caffeine from coffee and sodas, along with foods that contain large amounts of sugar and fat are not a girls’ best friend.

In a desperate attempt for a cure, I allowed myself to be injected with Lupron. The cure was a hell of a lot worse than the disease. I eventually had to have the surgery I was so desperately trying to avoid… three surgeries in total. After my final surgery, a partial hysterectomy, I wanted to avoid injecting or ingesting anymore poisonous chemicals so I decided to go holistic. This decision saved my life… literately.

Firstly, I had to rid my body of the poison that was injected into me and balance my hormones. The National Institutes of Health reports that research indicates possible connections between uterine fibroid and endometriosis symptoms and pesticides in common foods, hormones in feed for commercial beef cattle, and the use of food additives.  I didn’t want to flood my body with anymore chemicals and needed to rid my body free radicals so I do organics as much as possible. My diet consists of mainly fruits, vegetables, organic yogurt, free range chicken, and salmon. I honestly don’t remember the last time I ate processed food.

The cocktail was working well for a few months but, once I started ovulating again a new batch of symptoms cropped up. Excruciation back and joint pain accompanied my monthly ovulation. At first I tried acupuncture. It worked well in relieving my pain but was costly and its effect were not long lasting. After a couple of weeks of research I added Omega-3 fish oil and coconut oil to the mix. I am not saying I’m living a pain free life but, the anti-inflammatory affects and immuno support of the fish oil and coconut oil got me to a very comfortable and manageable point. For my breakthrough pain I take 600mg-800mg of Ibuprofen. And the only side effects I’m experiencing are glowing skin, healthy hair, and weight lossJ


  1. Thank you for sharing your story . I was considering begging my physician for Lupron in order to shrink these mega-oids and opt for a less invasive surgery . Now I don't know what to do .. reading a lot of negatives about this drug.. this is so frustrating

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  3. Thanks for the specifics! I gotta try Vitex!