Sunday, November 4, 2012

No T No Shade: Opium Nightclub

 Five "T" Rating System: One T = Hell No
                                            Five T's = What are you waiting for

Last night I joined my friends for a girls’ night out at Opium Nightclub located in the Seminole Hard Rock Casino plaza, Hollywood Florida. The line to get into Opium took up about a third of the plaza. Club-goers, including my girls and I, waited patiently in line hoping to it make pass the doormen before 12:30am in order to take advantage of the early free admission and one free drink. We were fortunate to make it just under the gun but an eager lesbian did not fare as well even though she was about 20 people ahead of us.

Decked-out in her black jeans, embellished t-shirt, and suede shoes the butchy female happily waited in line oblivious to the controversy her mere presence was creating. Fellow club-goers didn't give the 5'7" beefy lesbian a second glance. A couple of my friends and I happened to have notice her because of her perfectly quaffed dreadlocks.... But it was a different story for the club's muscle head overseers.

Thirty minutes into our wait two doormen that have been eyeballing the lesbian club-goer approached her in the line. Words were exchanged and it was obvious from the look on her face they had less than kind words to say. Approximately ten minutes later a stocky Caucasian man in black went up to the now sad lesbian and said to her, "You ain't getting in looking like that... come on, let's go." He opened the velvet rope and singled for her to leave the line she had so patiently waited in for over thirty minutes. She shamefully complied and left with her head hung low.

It's this writer's opinion (and my friends share in my view) that the doormen and bouncers of Opium should have been the ones with their heads hanging in shame. I felt it was my civic duty as a human being to call them out for their shameful act.

To the lesbian club-goer that was plucked out of line like an unwanted weed, honey, No T No Shade... You didn't miss out on anything special. The Opium decor was predictable. As a huge reggae music fan I give the Reggae room TTTT. The DJ knew his old school reggae. People actually wanted to dance but unfortunately the dance floor was no bigger than my bedroom.

The main room resembled a poorly laid out lounge. What I think was meant to be the dance floor was a confusing maze of lounge furniture. The music mix made about as much sense as the layout. I just didn't get it.

I give @Opium in @Seminole Hard Rock Casino T T 's.

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