Wednesday, November 30, 2016


What's Up?  We are Rising!

                       Before            After
     The 2016 category four storm, Hurricane Matthew, killed over 280 Haitians and left thousands homeless in the western region of Haiti. Towns like Jeremie and Dame-Marie have lost their beautiful Caribbean charm under cholera infested flood waters.  Acres of crops were also lost due to raging storm waters leaving the already struggling region with major food and water shortages.
     Donations of food and bottled water are all well and good but foster dependency. N'AP LEVE is a fund raising campaign for the survivors of Hurricane Matthew who wish to regain their independence. One hundred percent of funds raised will be used  to purchase individual and family water filters; which will provide disease-free water for up to one year. Funds will also be used to purchase non-GMO seeds to help rebuild the once thriving agricultural sector.

           Individual Filter      Family Filter                     Non-GMO Seeds

     Join the N'AP LEVE movement by purchasing a t-shirt(s) and/or baseball cap(s)to not only provide clean water and seeds to a much needy population, but help rebuild lives.

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