Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Go In Peace: When Letting Go is The Greatest Act Of Love

In this modern world of machines, pharmaceuticals, wills, estates, and lawsuits; dying in peace and with dignity has become extremely complicated. One would love to think dying is as simple as gleefully fulfilling your bucket list, then peacefully passing away at home surrounded by loved ones. Not so. You literally need a manual on how to die without prolonging your suffering and how to not bankrupt and prolong the suffering of your loved ones in the process. Medical professionals are not taught how to properly guide a patient or the patient’s loved ones though the dying and death process. Lack of guidance leaves the door open for the dying to be preyed upon by unethical medical practitioners and facilities, unscrupulous politicians, greedy pharmaceutical companies, and conniving relatives. This has led to needless prolonged suffering, the rise and spreading of super infections, overcrowded medical facilities, and the depletion of Medicare. Go In Peace: When Letting Go Is The Greatest Act Of Love helps guide the medical professional as well as the layperson through the intricate maze of dying and death in today’s complicated society. Go In Peace provides in an uncomplicated manner very useful information that will help both the medical professional and the layperson make the best decision possible for all parties concerned.

 M.J. Louis is an author and registered nurse currently working as part of the critical care team at the esteemed University of Miami Hospital in Miami Florida. Her experience in the medical field extends nearly fifteen years. Ms. Jean-Louis has had the pleasure of working with all age groups in different arenas of medicine in New York City, Atlanta, and Miami. She has also served as a surgical nurse on medical missions to Haiti. In addition to her nursing degree, Ms. Jean-Louis also holds a dual degree in Cultural Anthropology and Psychology and has worked in the adolescent psych. field.

 M.J. Louis self-published her first book, When Angels Come To Play, in 2013 (rated four stars by In it she shares the stories of three pediatric hospice patients. Ms. Jean-Louis will be including her favorite story from When Angles Come to Play in her new book Go In Peace: When Letting Go Is The Greatest Act of Love. Ms. Jean-Louis has also written a screenplay based on When Angels Come To Play which she aspires to direct and star in. Ms. Jean-Louis is also an avid blogger. Her blogs and You Tube videos: The TDivine Young SoulsCaribbean Diaspora Alliance, and The American Healthcare Report; has amassed over 220,000 readers and viewers from around the world. She has helped thousands of people from around the world with her helpful and informative postings and videos on health, spirituality, and current events.

 M.J. Louis now aspires to help millions of people by giving them a peak behind the hospital curtain and by sharing her own harrowing story. Ms. Jean-Louis believes knowledge is power. And, the more knowledge you have the more empowered you are to make the right decisions for yourself and for your loved ones.

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