Monday, June 24, 2013


 Five "T" Rating System: One T = Hell No
                                            Five T's = What are you waiting for

It's summer that means it's time for my annual excursion to my home town, New York City.  I've been out of the New York scene for five years now; so I entrusted my mini vaca itinerary planning up to my sister, who's still in the New York loop.   
 We usually kick off our weekend of debauchery in uptown Manhattan with a healthy meal at the latest trendy eatery. Around midnight we lounge hop our way down to  the East Village to mingle with the local artist.  But this year my New Yorker sensibilities were thrown for a loop when my sister suggested we cross the bridge into Brooklyn.  
 "I don't do Brooklyn!" Were the first words out of my mouth, but I was quick to recant my statement when my wise sister's suggestion was backed up by my best friend's description of the new inhabitants of downtown Manhattan. Apparently all of the cool kids had migrated out of the Village because it had become overrun  with Prada wearing, poodle walking yuppies. Not necessarily the type of people I usually hob-nob with.
 After a quick stop to change out of my flying clothes and into my lounging dudes, my BFF and I drove down to Williamsburg, Brooklyn to meet up with my sis.  Parking took about ten minutes and was only a few blocks away from our destination, Sea Thai Restaurant.  As I walked into the waiting area the immediate feeling  that came over me was Zen, but the club music pumping also gave Sea a fun and hip lounge feel.  
 The wait time wasn't bad for a Saturday night, about 45mins.  But I didn't mind it, I had one of the best seats in the house.  All of this ambiance did make me wonder, what were the prices going to be like?  And, I had not eaten in almost 24hrs...would I get enough food to stop my stomach from eating itself?
 Fear came over me when our adorable waiter handed me the menu.  I was very pleasantly surprised to see that the average price of an appetizer was $6 and a Sea special entrée ran about $15.  Even more awesome was the fact that I left with a full belly and left overs!  Drink wise, I recommend the coconut juice.  I had three was that good!
I give Sea Restaurant TTTT
The only word I have to describe the food is YUMMY. We could have used some light at the table and the music was way too loud to have an enjoyable conversation.

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  1. I totally agree with all you said about SEA. It's incredible that after so many years of people saying the same thing, it hasn't changed. Makes me wonder what they don't want us to see in the light! lol