Monday, April 22, 2013


 Direct Initiatives to Support Haiti  (D.I.S.H.)
The tragic 2010 earthquake in Haiti lead to the displacement of over 300,000 Haitian citizens.  Thousands fled Port-au-Prince to near by cities but many sought refuge as far west as Jeremie.  The mass migration has given rise to new issues for the host cities.

Since the 2010 earthquake D.I.S.H., a non-profit foundation, has mobilized to provide health, education, and housing for the displaced.  
On May 23rd-27th 2013, I will be joining the D.I.S.H. team on a medical mission to my birth city, Jeremie.  We will be servicing over 2,000 patients in the town of Dame-Marie.  Doctors, nurses, and other medical professional are welcome to visit  to learn about and join our medical mission. 

Monetary donations and medical supplies are very much welcomed.  Please visit  to donate.

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  1. Although you didn't meet the kickstarter deadline. May your efforts be rewards 100 fold!