Thursday, August 21, 2014

How The Caterpillar Flew

A couple of months ago I attended a meditation group. As an exercise each person had to pick three tarot cards from a deck that was scattered face down on the floor. The first card represented your past, the second your present, and the third your near future. My first card was The Devil, second was The Wheel of Fortune, and third was The World. Once you had picked your cards, you were instructed to write a few paragraphs based on the cards you drew. These words were evoked in me by my cards.

How The Caterpillar Flew
M. Veronica Jean-Louis

Once upon a time there was a butterfly who didn’t know it could fly.
The butterfly knew it was different but didn’t know why.
The butterfly’s caterpillar friends never encouraged it to even try.

The butterfly spent its days and nights crawling on the ground while the caterpillars watched never making a sound.

The caterpillars did everything they could to keep the butterfly around.

The caterpillars loved the butterfly because of its beautiful wings.

They knew if the butterfly flew away they would never again see such splendid things.

The butterfly’s wings were rare and glistened like gold.
So the caterpillars decided the butterfly must never be told. 

One day the butterfly came across a shattered mirror.

The butterfly jumped back due to all the shimmer.


It was the first time the butterfly got a glimpse of its true self.

It thought the reflection was maybe a fly or maybe even an elf.

The butterfly decided to creep slowly up on its belly.

Who knows, thought the butterfly, such a magical creature must be friendly.

As the butterfly approached, it caught a glimpse of one wing then two.

The butterfly stared into the mirror not sure what to do.

The butterfly wiggled and jumped to get a reaction.

But stopped when it realized that was its own reflection.

The butterfly slowly moved its wings up then down.

The butterfly shouted with glee when it lifted off of the ground.

The harder the butterfly flapped its wings the higher it flew.

The butterfly went straight home to share the good news.

The caterpillars were not at all happy.

They told the butterfly it was just being wacky.

The caterpillars begged and pleaded with the butterfly to stay.

The butterfly decided to show them a better way.

The butterfly led the caterpillars to the shattered mirror so they could see.

The butterfly wished for all of them to be set free.

The caterpillars approached the mirror with much caution.

When the caterpillars saw themselves they couldn’t believe their good fortune.

At first the caterpillars weren’t sure what they should do.

But one by one they soared into the heavens when they realized they had wings too.


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